Sunday, July 22, 2007

Comic Con: countdown

Four more days until Comic Con!! Ah, what is Comic Con you ask? It is the largest venue for popular art culture in America, taking place once a year in San Diego. Officially it's called The San Diego Comic Convention, we tend to refer to it as "the con". I was introduced to it eight years ago by my sweetheart Greg. I was reluctant to attend thinking it was going to be, as the title suggests, about comics. Indeed it began as a convention celebrating comics in the basement of the Grant Hotel back in 1970 with notable guests such as Ray Bradbury. What I encountered at my first adventure to the con was fantasy and visionary art in abundance. Artists from all over the world had gathered for the largest show and tell I had ever witnessed. Every year we attend, either with a booth or as spectators, to take in and participate in the vast creativity pulsating on both the exhibit floor and the programs upstairs. One doesn't quite "get" the comic-con experience until one attends, it's a visceral thing. Last year we attended a presentation by Deepak Chopra and Grant Morrison, titled "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes", met the infamous Yoshitaka Amano, spent time with Holly Black and respites with our fellow art buddies. This year, we return with a booth featuring new art jewelry, Eye of the Unicorn greeting cards and my perfumes. Look for us at booth 4704.

San Diego Comic Convention
111 West harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Thursday, July 26 through Sunday July 29

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