Wednesday, July 8, 2020

NATURE not natural

The word natural is getting even more abused than when I first started making fragrance. Most perfume brands claiming to be “natural" go to extreme measures to hide that they use any type of synthetics by greenwashing their wording and confusing the public.

A few terms I have been seeing a lot lately are:

"100% Natural Derived"
"Plant Based Perfume Made From 100% Plant and Flower Materials"
"Beyond Clean” 

The reason this is happening is because there is a demand for true plant fragrance, the tragic part is that these terms above, and many others, don’t actually mean anything. It’s really challenging when your brand is based on authenticity. As I have mentioned before, these smoke & mirror shenanigans make my job really difficult.

My “people" then think they are allergic to all perfume, including those made from plants, when what they are actually allergic to is the synthetics and isolates contained within fragrances. In the past I confronted a few perfumers about their use of words and was answered with "The word we live in is all maya anyway." What the heck kind of answer is that!

Here are a few post here at the journal that provide more information on this topic:

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Swallowtails Message

On Saturday, while upstairs in the lab working on new editions of Terrestre, Chaparral and Muse, I was nudged to go make sure that I had locked my car. Reluctant to step away from my concentrated work, I waited for a good pausing point from the very tedious and meticulous work of pouring essences in specific weights based on notations in a three ring binder. Yes indeed, I use an old school three ring binder, lined sheets of paper and a thin black market to make notations while blending.

Finally, headed downstairs with car keys in hand, opened the front door and clicked the closed lock icon on my keys. Since I was down there I turned to check on the potted rose plant next to the door. To my surprise I noticed a Swallowtail butterfly tucked in the corner. I starred down in awe, wondering what she could possibly be doing tucked down there under the thicket of rose branches....and was she still alive?

I zoomed up the stairs of the perfumery like lightening to grab my phone, camera, our dedicated insect tweezers and a small cardboard box, then zoomed back down intending she was still there. Sure enough, there she was. As I surveyed the situation and contemplated what to do first, I heard someone say "I see you found the butterfly I left for you..." I turned around to see Rachel, the manager here at Lena Street Loft smiling from her white Prius. She has just turned the corner of building C as I was standing out there speculating on what to do. I said to her "Oh it was you! I was wondering how she got in there!" Then Rachel said "I found her in the parking lot right over there." I placed my hand on my heart and thanked her for being so thoughtful.

Next, I took the tweezers and very gently pulled her out of the corner, careful to avoid the leaves of the rose bush and placed her into the box. As I walked upstairs, marveling at such a splendid gift, I considered how that voice had taken me out of the revelry of blending to discover that butterfly and have Rachel drive by the perfumery just as I was contemplating what to do.

It also did not escape my thoughts that butterflies are a symbol of transformation, which we as a collective are most definitely experiencing in a giant way. In every sacred moment we have the opportunity to choose love, elevated consciousness, hope, faith and to operate outside the box, in the circular field of oneness.

Dr. Zach Bush, who I have mentioned before, is an absolutely fascinating young doctor with the vision of an old soul, a Merlin of sorts, who can pierce reality and contribute deeply to our understanding of what is transpiring. His non-political, loving and spiritual approach is unique and punctuated by a resounding equilibrium dripping with truth.

He speaks of the collapse of human health alongside with social, environmental systems as one collective monoculture, like corn, soybeans and wheat. We have created an artificial landscape that is diseased. "There is an opportunity here to change the terrain and create a biologically healthy society. We can't help biologically foster society unless we have a diverse microbiome. The device of a microbiome in society is communication, diversity of voices."

If we are to birth our selves a new, like the process the Swallowtail goes through to become a beautiful, new being with wings, then we must see and recognize both our unity and diversity. Feel into the circular, where all the spokes lead us to the center. They are us and we are they, its time to step into the field of recognition and new paradigms.

I encourage you to let go of all the BS that the mass media is spooning out, stand at the center without bias and see clearly, with courage and resolve. There are many interviews and podcasts with Dr. Zach Bush, here is a rather lengthy one I suggest watching in parts and drinking in deeply.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Know Thyself

Have you ever had that unsettling feeling that you have been sailing through life without a compass?

Do you feel there is more to your existence than you are experiencing now?

Are you living your life's purpose?

These are timeless questions and a clue to their answers can be found at the Temple of Delphi in Greece. Amongst the ancient ruins of this Goddess-based civilization is an ancient Greek inscription prescribing to “Know Thyself.”

This Thursday Greg will be teaching his AWE inspiring online workshop titled where he guides you deep into the Temple of your own Delphi Oracle to discover that virtuous ambition planted inside your heart, the one that navigates you on the path to a fulfilling existence. It is only a matter of being aware what it is and creating a plan to see it blossom in the world.

Greg has taught this technique to over a thousand students. It works!

Start living a life long adventure that will inspire you to rise from your bed in the morning ready to greet the new day, everyday.


  • A. Realize how the soul of your life is aligned with your heart.
  • B. Design an emblem that represents this newfound knowledge.
  • C. Create a vision board that will align your heart virtue with a plan to share it with the world.

Time and Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020, 12pm-3pm US-MT
UK: 7pm / US East coast: 2pm / US West coast: 11am / Australia: 4am
Cost: $95
Location: Zoom

“I feel so hopeful, 
like I have never felt before,
and I want to thank you.”
~ V. Lavorini