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"Morphology can be defined as the form and structure of an organism or any of its parts. In a basic morphological approach we shall begin to look at essential oils based upon the different parts of structures of plants in which they are derived." 1
Essential Oils are derived from Berries, Fruit (Zest), Flowers, Leaves & Needles, Resins, Woods, Seeds and Roots. Each of these has a specific function in the plant, that purpose can be viewed or translated to the human being.
In the nineties, while I was studying Aromatherapy, I went on a hike with David Crow, renowned author and herbalist. He took a group of about twenty through Corral Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. We began the tour under the canopy of a large oak, Quercus agrifoilia, where David explained how the Chumash people nourished themselves primarily on acorns. We learned how acorns were processed and how the native Chumash lived in harmony with the land. From there we walked along the path where David identified plants and explained their many uses. He taught us to observe a plant, it’s shape, color and where it grew to help determine it’s medicinal qualities. This is part of the technique that the ancients used to determine a plants therapeutic value. Does it grow in the sun or shade? Is the plant near a source of water? What color is it and what shape is the plant and it’s leaves.
Keen observation of a plant can glean insights into the mysteries of their healing code.

Here is a simplified chart on plant part an equivalent translation

Seeds = Beginning of Life = Growth, Creation
Roots = Grounding = Strength, Stability
Wood, Trunk of Tree = Conduit, Structure = Core, Support
Resins = Heal, Protect
Leaves/Needles = Respiration = Breathe, Expansion
Flowers = Attraction = Love
Fruits = Reproduction = Uplift

1 Jade Shutes, The Blending Manual, The Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy, Canada, Chp.2, p.4

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