Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recipe of the Day: Scented Beads #1

The tradition of scented beads, also termed prayer beads or rosary, goes back into ancient times to the Hindu Sages. In fact there are sandstone sculptures dated 185BC, from the Sunga and Kushan periods depicting sages holding prayer beads.


1 tbsp. gum tragacanth powdered
1 tbsp. gum benzoin powdered
1 tbsp. orris root powdered
1 tbsp. lavender flowers powdered
4 tbsp. of water
1/2 teaspoon essential oils


Mix all dry ingredients
add essential oils and enough water to form a stiff paste
form into beads and pierce with a needle and thread.

Image above: "Rosa", Old engraving on parchment ©Roxana Villa


Vireo Perfumes said...

Thank you for posting the recipes for the beads. I am excited to make some. I couldn't find Gum Tragacath anywhere in my town but in the form of Wilton "Gum Paste".
Have you ever heard of using such a thing?
I just rolled up the spices in it.
I will buy some pure tragacath on line if my potential messy disaster doesn't turn out.

If by some miracle this works I will let you know.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Cool K!
Yes please chime in with your results
and thank you for visiting. I'm glad to see folk are discovering these old posts.

Anonymous said...

At a local fair I purchased a bracelet made with manufactured and natural beads. They were patchouli scented. I have tried making 'all natural' herb beads using nothing more then dried patchouli ground, boiled, and then shaped into rustic looking beads. While they smelled great I wasn't happy with the 'look' of them and they certainly didn't look like the ones purchased at the fair. This is the first time I have seen a recipe like this.

My question would be, does this recipe yield a black bead? Are these beads very smooth? I really want to recreate some pieces for myself and find it so daunting experimenting with recipes! ;)

Illuminated Perfume said...

Greetings Anonymous,
Welcome to this journal. I am not an expert on scented beads. You may want to go peruse the website for Jeanne Rose:
or do a google search.
My strength lies in creating accords and perfumes with essential oils.
Happy hunting, please let us know how it goes with your findings.