Friday, January 4, 2008

Bee Leaf System

The mysterious disappearance of the honey bee is a major concern, especially to those who appreciate fruits and vegetables. A documentary is currently in production that is focusing on the predicament of the domesticated honey bee. View the trailer here: The Vanishing Bees
The filmakers are seeking contributions in order to finish the documentary, click on DONATE on their website to facilitate this work.

We choose the orchid bee as the logo for our company because of their affinity with scent. Not only would our food supply be threatened if the honey bee vanishes, but so would numerous plants that contribute their vitality for essential oil production. If our current way of life is what endangers our existence then a new belief system and approach is crucial. Purchasing and supporting organic and biodynamic food is a great place to begin the journey. Becoming more conscious of how each of our actions impacts the planet and her sentient beings is where the path continues.

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