Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Three Graces: The base meets wood

I have finished the initial base chord, it took me awhile to decide exactly which Patchouli and which Vetiver to integrate with the other members of this temporal ensemble. In the end I choose an Indonesian Patchouli with a lovely floral aspect to it. This floral note will later work nicely with the blossoming heart accord. The Vetiver was tougher, perhaps because I have so many of them to choose from, and love each one. In the end it was one of my Bourbons that won out, a nicely aged, viscous Vetiver. While the base marinates I am moving onto the simple wood accord:

“The bough, where the Goddesses manifest,
is created with wood notes including Cedar and Cabrueva.”

Cabrueva, a hardwood from Paraguay, contains a flowery sweet wood note which will harmonize nicely with both the wood of the Himalayan and Atlas Cedar. Both these essences contain that ubiquitous wood note. The Himalayan, also known as Tibetan, contains a spice note to its warm woody fragrance and is slightly softer with, like the Patchouli and Cabreuva, a subtle floral note.

So you see, I choose my elements so that in the end there will be a harmonizing and relationship from the base, to the middle and extending into the top notes.

Roxana Villa: Perfume Inside the Poem
Image of bundled Vetiver courtesy of Christopher McMahon and Manoj Avasthi.

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