Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A dance

My very old and worn out Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary defines the word evolution as:
A movement forming one of a series of related movements, as in a dance.

So then, let's take a new perspective on our current environmental challenges as a dance. For example, this morning I received an e-mail from one of the visionaries in my local community which has been instrumental in protecting our native oaks and the land. It is a very short video about plastic bags. I knew most of this, but, not all. Click here to watch it, it's very short and has the potential to evolve each of us a little. Interested in evolving?

I've been using canvas shopping bags at the market for over a decade. Recently I've been keeping one in my purse whenever I do any type of shopping where bags might be needed. The shop keepers in some cases look at me a little weird, but hey I'm an artist, I've always been thought of as a little weird. After so many years on the planet I've come to accept weird as a positive term.

Choosing to take eco-measures in our daily lives can be challenging, sometimes they feel inconvenient because we have become so accustomed to doing things one way. Seeing change as a dance, a chance to evolve makes things a little easier.

More people in LA are riding bikes...they have been forced to because of the fuel prices, this is a good thing. Now, if LA could restore the transit system they had back in the 1940', we would all be dancing in the streets.

Image above ©Greg Spalenka

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