Friday, October 31, 2008

NY Sniffa 2008: One

In the e-mail that the NY Sniffa 2008 attendees received the Karens stated:

We feel it's our duty to warn you that you will have such a glorious time at this event, you'll meet so many fascinating friends, and you will feel so loved and pampered that you will want to do it again next weekend, and the weekend after that... and you won't be able to!
You have
to wait for another Sniffapalooza!

They were spot on., and must have something to do with the magnetism of Team Karen. I auspiciously hooked up with an acquaintance from a dinner party back in 1998, Sarah Squeri. Ah, but I digress, lets begin at the beginning.

The Saturday (Uptown) event began at Bergdorf Goodman commenced at 8:15am with the famous breakfast at Goodman’s CafĂ©. At 10am more sniffers arrived and the morning continued on the beauty floor with conversation with special guests and perfumers, sampling, makeup artists, special GWP's, and the legendary BG gift bags.

At 12:30 attendees wondered over to Opia restaurant for a fabulous lunch and more guest presenters, including Avery Gilbert. Avery is the author of What the Nose Knows, he sat next to Greg and I at the luncheon. He was the first presenter and dazzled the attendees with tidbits from What the Nose Knows.

I also presented during this phase of the olfactory adventure. My sampler packages contained a postcard, bookmark and business card. Some contained a liquid perfume sample with a scent strip while others contained the solid perfume version of Sierra. Greg put together a visual presentation to accompany my seven minute discourse.

At 2:45 the gang walked over to Takashimaya for more sniffing & dessert with special guests, like the beloved Neil Morris. Across the street was Henri Bendels, where Janna Sheehan of Trance Essence and Jessica Dunne of Ellie and Ellie Nuit were on hand. Both lovely, beautiful ladies.

While we were all enjoying ourselves inside Henri Bendels the wind and rain began descending upon NYC. Many arrived at the next destination, Spafumerie, drenched from the across town walk. The owner of Spafumerie, Joe Graces, treated us to chocolate covered strawberries amongst other cocktails & reiki work at his spectacular spa. All in honor of the 60th anniversary of Fracas.

(Pictured below, from right to left Greg, Karen Dubin, Vida and myself.)

At this party is where I encountered Sarah, who quickly became my new best friend! Other conjunctions of the heart-kind included; Leah, a sol sister (yes, i mean sol as in sun, we are both Leos with an auspicious amount of similar planetary line-ups) and the passionate and charismatic, Ida.

The evening festivities ended at a long dining table seating at least twenty of us at an Italian restaurant. Stay tuned for the Sniffa Day Two recap next.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™
Images: Heart table illustration by Greg Spalenka, Breakfast area at Bergdorf Goodman by Sarah Squeri, Roxana presenting at the Opia Lunch by Michael Friedlander, Gang of four at Spafumerie by Sarah Squerie and Video clip by Greg Spalenka


Dorothy of Kingsbury said...

Greg, what a beautiful visual composition for Roxana. And Roxana, where is the Pisces and earth in your chart along with that Leo? Loved meeting you at the Sniffa and thank you for the referral to Enfleurage.
Dorothy of Kingsbury

Illuminated Perfume said...

Beautiful Dorothy, welcome.
Leo Sun, Pisces Moon...Earth is represented by Virgo in various positions.
Adored meeting you as well Dorothy, dear kindred soul.
Merry meet, merry part and may we meet again.

Vida said...

Four years have gone by? I remember Sniffa like it was yesterday! Miss you, R! Hope to see you again soon, when Raphael and MD hold an event!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Vida!!! How are you dear? Four years, wow, time flies. That was such a fun weekend. Would so love to see you again, much love. xo