Monday, November 3, 2008

NY Sniffa 2008: Two

The Sniffa Sunday event transpired in downtown Manhattan, much to my delight, being more of a downtown girl. The festivities began at BOND NO. 9, on Bond St. between Broadway & Lafayette Street. Wasn't Basquiats studio right around here? Hmmm, I'll ask Kelle.

Raphaella greeted me as I walked in the door. We wondered around sniffing and engaging in conversation while brunch was prepared for all the attendees. I had the opportunity to speak with a marvelous grouping of eclectic folks including Cathy Gins the creator of AromaWear, Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury Fragrances and her husband Michael.

Joe Graces asked me to define the difference between natural and synthetic perfume. I graciously obliged, ending with the fact that I use the term "botanical", since I do not use civet (tortured cat excretion) or isolates in my perfumes.

From there Leah and I walked together over to LAFCO, where one can swoon over the Santa Maria Novella potpourri. Along the journey we passed the first apartment I lived in when I moved to NYC in the 80's. Gee, Elizabeth Street has really changed since then!

While at LAFCO Sarah Squerie and I made a pact to be each others olfactory adventure "buddy" for the day. We walked out onto Lafayette to make our way to Le Labo, but got pleasantly distracted by all the merchants on Prince Street. Eventually we headed toward the Country Cafe for the second lunch sitting. The first lunch was running behind schedule so we strolled around a bit and mingled with other second sitting Sniffas. Sarah and I sat at a table up front with Leah and Carol. The four of us had a blast together. We marveled at Sarah's manifesting powers as she won the Sniffapalooza Jazz CD set which she wanted. Poet and perfumer Gerald Dubose blew us all away by his poetry reading and added a whole new level of artistry to Sniffapalooza.

From there we jumped in a cab and made our way to Aedes de Venustas on Christopher Street in the Village. The owners Karl and Robert served up Prosecco Bellini's as we sampled Aedes stellar and vast selection of fragrances.

After saying our goodbyes to beloved Sniffas, a small group of us walked around the corner to Gobo for a savory vegetarian dinner and more inspired conversation. Above is Greg with the heartwarming Ida at his side.

In closing the NYC Sniffapalooza Fall Ball was a dynamic event attended by an array of spirited individuals. Greg and I compare it to the San Diego Comic Con in it's tapestry of souls embodying the art spirit. It is a richly woven, textural fabric intricately threaded with those who create fragrance and the fans who adore it.

Images: The image at top on Bond#9 is by Michael Friedlander, LAFCO image was taken by Karen Adams of Sniffapalooza, photos of Sarah and I at Country Cafe as well as of Gerald Dubois are by Vida, image of Greg and Ida is my contribution.
Roxana Illuminated Perfume™


Dorothy of Kingsbury said...

Love how you wove the pic's and commentary Roxana. Terrific pic of Ida and Greg -- very soft energy. I will send Ida over to look at it. Again, such a joy to meet you at Sniffa.
Dorothy of Kingsbury

Illuminated Perfume said...

Did you see yourself in the Lafco picture.
Ida thought she looked a bit tired in the photo. Personally I LOVE the one your Michael took of her at the BG breakfast.
Thank you for your comments Dorothy, it's been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to the journey of knowing you more.