Sunday, December 14, 2008

+Q Perfume

I've been twice blessed with beautiful reviews in one week! The enchanting and lovely Simone over at +Q Perfume, meaning "mais-que" more than perfume, has done a little write up about Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

Here is how Simone transcribes "mais" (+) "que" (Q)

+Q Perfume means more than just perfume but it is also a game of words in portuguese: mais-que-perfeito a tense of verb in portuguese grammar. So it means that I give more than just perfume, because i talk about inspirations, perfumery, perfumer, books, scents, flavors, design and I interview people...

Once again, I am deeply humbled and grateful. It is especially delightful to receive accolades by a fellow South American. As a teen I had the opportunity to visit Rio de Janeiro with my mother. I adored the visit and the joyous nature of the people. Master Gregorio has been lucky enough to have gone on a visit to Brazil during carnival, which is also celebrated in Argentina. My experience of carnival in Argentina was getting pelted by water balloons in Mar del Plata. Very different from Brazil, where entire cities live for this celebration and are transformed by rhythmic beat.

Besos querida Simone!

Photo above ©RoxanaVilla, is of the Oak perfume Q, in honor of Simones blog with the letter Q in the title.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™

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