Friday, December 12, 2008

Vespertina at Fragrance Bouquet

"Meaning “Evening”, Vespertina is a glorious, floral scent with rich veins of spice. Its construction is absolutely marvelous, with top notes that you’ll want to chase after like fleeting dreams, floral heart notes so deep they make you feel like you can get lost in their nuances forever, and spicy, woody base notes that linger comfortingly on the skin until the skin’s own beauty shines through."

These are a few of the eloquent words Divina has written to describe the botanical perfume Vespertina. Head on over to her blog to read more and post a comment if you have experienced Vespertina.

I am particularly struck by her choice of descriptive words and paragraphs. They mimic the journey that the character Vespertina goes on in her quest for the spiritual heart. It is obviously that Divina has a very astute nose, besides being a gifted writer.

I feel very humbled when an inspired writer transcribes their sensory exploration of one of my perfumes. It is a profoundly tangible sensation. I heard once that artists live and create for recognition not for money. Hmmmm....

Vespertina perfume extrait is available at my new etsy shop in a variety of quantities from
.25 gram and 1 gram vials to the 7gram bottle. Read more about Vespertina on the website and here at this journal.

The image at top, ©Greg Spalenka, is a cropped version of the music cover CD titled The Visions of Vespertina.

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