Friday, January 23, 2009

The Minds Eye

It's sort of official now...Maestro has started his art sale. I am rather reluctantly seeing beautiful gems depart from our little woodland home. Of course, they've been tucked away in flat files, so it's a good thing that they now will be appreciated and displayed.

Here is what he states:


Welcome to my exhibition and sale of original art!

I have lived in the world of Illustration for 26 years, creating art for most of the national magazines, book publishers, and newspapers.
In the 80's, 90's, all my art was created the old fashion way, via drawings, paint, and various mixed media. When an assignment came my way I worked hard to create a concept that would reflect the story in a unique way. Then I jumped into the process of making art, experimenting with many materials.

Different techniques were realized, and many award winning pieces were born from this journey. Most of the art I was commissioned for at that time was social/political commentary, and portraits. Hence, much of this work has historical references.

Along with the illustration you see here will be some personal work, that includes drawings, and class demos. All art showcased here is one of a kind. No prints or reproductions.

Throughout this entire year, seven art pieces a week will be released for sale. In some instances a book, magazine or page from the publication the illustration was printed in will accompany the sale. All art not sold by the end of the year will be permanently retired.

You may learn more about me, see hundreds of my images (until the end of the year), experience my music, and film designs at my website.


Here is the direct link to the first few items he has put up.

If there is a specific piece that you have always admired, I suggest contacting him and making an offer quickly. Friends have been dropping by the many have already been nabbed.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™


andy said...

Greetings! I visited the Spalenka(dot)com site( there is a dot too much in your link, the link does not work)
and I loved so many pictures. Amazing this flow of creativity.
You are a true power couple!

Illuminated Perfume said...

hey andy, lovely to hear from you! thank you for the heads up about the link, i've fixed it.
terrific that you have attached a photo to your comments...although i don't quite think of you so austere.
wafting love over your way.

andy said...

Oh.. yes. This is an old one... when I was a little bit more serious. ;-) I think I used it to apply for jobs 5 years ago... In order to post I had to login to my google account and bang! here goes the photo with it. Did you change the identity check?

Illuminated Perfume said...

ah, i can see how this image encapsulates the office worker archetype...and perhaps the more serious chemist side of you.

yes indeed, i changed the and learning all the time.

happy friday!