Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Notes

Yesterday morning I got the paints out and have been working on a few Valentines for a select group of about twelve individuals. My intention is to get them finished and out in the mail today with the new bundle of orders.

Julia Cameron, the author of the Artist's Way, encourages creativity by "playing" with art materials much in the way we did as children. When I unearthed the paints and brushes yesterday there was a sense of a fun creative adventure that she endorses. It felt different from the process of creating a perfume or an illustration. I also was reminded of the similarities between painting and creating perfume.

My painting brushes are very much like my glass droppers, the rinse water like the alcohol I use to rinse out my droppers and the paint colors like the essences themselves. At the end of the day I was cleaning my brushes at the sink just like I clean my droppers and beakers.

The image above is a digital photo collage utililizing one of Maestro Gregorios paintings with one of my valentines layered on top.

The Artist's Way
Greg Spalenka website, Etsy shop & Art Sale.

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