Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bee Happy

This last week has been a bit of a very fun, wild, roller coaster ride, culminating in an EXTRAordinary Sunday. In the morning I headed into Studio City to attend my first ever Backwards Beekeepers meeting. Yep, I said Backwards Beekeepers.

I've had a desire to have my own bees for years now and am taking the plunge. This was prompted by reading an article in the LA Times about Backward Beekeeper (pictured above) Amy Seidenwurm. Amy was a doorway into a vast universe that includes a new language filled with words like: Drone, caps, nuc frames, beard/bearding mode and trap-out, just to mention a few.

I'll be writing a bit more on this soon, I am so happy to finally be moving forward with manifesting another dream and learning a new skill set. Now, besides saving local Oak trees I'll be going on Bee rescue missions!

Bee Happy.

Images: Original logo for Illuminated Perfume by Greg & myself, photo of Amy by Coral Von.


AromaX said...

Honey, let it bee!

Luis said...

Watch for the stings.
Use a mask.
Send me a sample.
Luis Villa

ScentScelf said...

I'm so glad you are jumping in! I have a friend who is an urban beekeeper, and has been gently trying to get me to cross to the other side. It would be, as she points out, the ultimate way to reconcile my phobia and my a gardener, I plant with an eye toward encouraging their visits, but have not quite steeled myself for actually hive responsibility.

Glad you'll be keeping us posted!