Friday, August 21, 2009

Memory Bank

Normally it is the sense of smell, sometimes sound and taste, that will bring a memory flooding back into our consciousness. This morning as I cleaned one of the windows of the studio for a photo shoot, the quality and temperature of the sun rays heating my back took me to my childhood days in Mar del Plata.

I found this so interesting, primarily because I don't associate the sense of "touch" with memory. Secondly, I was struck that the memory was specific to Mar del Plata, as compared to Junior Lifeguards at Zuma Beach or on a sailboat in Catalina. Both those two later experiences normally took place during the month of August.

In aromatherapy class I teach that there are two portals of entry for essential oils to enter the human body, the nose and the skin. Olfaction, the sense of smell, is more commonly associated with aromatherapy because of the "aromas" of the essences. Essential oils offer powerful and extensive benefits to the skin through massage, the bath or simple topical applications.

In fact, one of the most famous stories in the world of aromatherapy is that of Dr. Rene Gattefosse sustaining a third degree burn on his hand. It was a beaker filled with essential oil of lavender in his cosmetics lab that launched him on his path. Mistaking the lavender essential oil beaker for water, he plunged his hand into the liquid to bring down the temperature of his wound. His realization that the liquid was lavender embarked him on a journey of discovery which led him to coin the term Aroma Therapy and win the title of the Grandfather of Aromatherapy.

When using a botanical perfume you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of both applications of essential oils. The aroma of the perfume will affect how you feel and may even offer some of the beneficial attributes associated with each specific essential oil in the blend. For example Lavender has been scientifically proven in research to include reduce stress, induce sleep, alleviate depression and a host of other properties. Our Vera fragrance contains many different types of Lavender both from France and the Ojai area of Southern California.

The other boon of botanical perfume is that essential oils have the ability, due to their tiny molecular structure, to penetrate the layers of the epidermis. This allows them to get into the body and do their organic healing work.

Getting back to memory, you may want to recall the wealth of advantages offered to you in the form of botanical perfume. Botanical perfumes, in most cases, have been created with vital and pure essential oils, thus you get much more than just a pleasant fragrance. By using aroma therapeutic rich perfume you support organic agriculture and a green and healthy way of life. Instead of supporting large corporations, you empower a small business owner who crafts these perfumes by their very own hands. In some cases they even grow and prepare the materials within the perfume.

All good things to store in our memory banks, as we are illuminated by the sunshine.


Myy said...

The beach pictured on my blog is in Malibu!

Illuminated Perfume said...

So pretty, thank you, perhaps I will venture there this weekend.