Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ever so witful Tom has written about the Phoenix Myster over at Perfume Smellin' Things tis day. What a grand surprise, thank you Tom, I am truly humbled. Here is the link for your reading pleasure. Although be prepared, it will make you long a bit for the glorious beauty that takes place on the East coast this time of year. I miss it so.

My memories take me back about twenty years ago to a visit in Vermont, where the leaves were so vibrant the landscape looked utterly surreal to me. I remember buying fresh maple syrup at a little farmers market and being completely enchanted with the picturesque beauty of the landscape.

The first edition of the Phoenix Myster is available here, where you can read the little chant I wrote for it borrowing from the master bard himself.

In this myster I used Sangre de Drago which translates as Dragons Blood that I got while in the Amazon this summer. This plant shares the same common name as many others, although goes by a completely different Latin name, Croton lechleri . There seemed to have been a tendency to call any bright red resin Dragons Blood. When the bark of the tree is cut it exudes a dark, reddish, resinous latex. The indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon use it specifically for wound healing. Upon further research I have discovered that it is fabulous indeed for wound healing, especially applied to a burned area, as well as a variety of other dis-eases of the body.

Read more about the ingredients in this mister here at this link at my shop on Etsy.

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