Monday, November 30, 2009

The Circle: Scents of the Holidays?

Our poet of the day and illuminator of our second candle, is actor Wendel Meldrum, aka Fern Poppy. Creatrix Wendel brings us encapsulated memories through a journey of fragrance.

Scents of the Holidays?

The memory portal opens;

Small thumb pressing cloves into an orange that oozes,
Pine as it warms and wanders through the house,
Shortbread cookies, rhubarb pies, turkey all riding on the heat blast from the oven door,
Cinnamon drinks, is velvet a smell? Is snow? Is 40 below?
Can you smell the dark?

The questions bring me back, I dive back in;

Now comes the scent of Holiday hugs,
Grandma Gladys  - Shalimar and baby powder flesh cushions
Grandma Ada - dusty Emaraude, cool pearls on my cheek,
Mom – Chanel # 5 and hairspray,
Dad - Old Spice and cigars ground into wool,
Grandpa - worn cotton and warmly sour,

But that’s Christmas long past.

I dive again and as I do, I slow, into the space, the calm and delicious dark inner space from where answers come from, where memories are retrieved.
Oh, how wonderful, it is here and I wait, floating in the dark, suspended, in this place like before the universe was born.

Nothing comes and I wonder what this has to do with the scents of the holidays,

Then it begins to happen, out there, part of the darkness starts to turn and move and a smoky shape oscillates in a contrary motion and at a contrary speed.

An idea, a memory, is beginning to be born and the experience is identical to conjuring a scent. The way I receive a scent is the way I receive an idea, an inspiration,

Out of nothing, when it is darkest, at ground zero, there is a gathering and when it hits a certain mass or velocity - we meet. Conscious of each other, the dance of expansion begins – equal partners.

So today, holiday scents are for me…a yielding to the experience of scenting.
With a Halleluiah and a Glory Be.         

Wishing you Peace.
Wendel at

Images: ADVENTure blogging banner by Roxana Villa, Autumn image supplied by Wendel is by Lucien-Levy Dhurmer.


Flora said...

What a fun post, Wendel, it's a perfect evocation of memory!

Unknown said...

Aloha Wendel! Oh, such yumminess within your post I feel a kindred hug coming on. So much so perhaps we have the same mother. Chanel no. 5 and Aqua Net? Of course my father had cigarettes and Old Fashions instead of cigars, but close. Your aunties could have been my Grandmothers! So lovely. Blessings to you for that sweet dive of seasonal scent-sations. Mmm mmm good.
--Mahalo, Jane

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hey Fern Poppy, what an inspired piece of poetic fragrant wanderings you have shared with us. I love how the journey was woven and spiraled you right into the sacred present moment. Thank you so much for your open, artistic spirit dear one. Your inner and outer beauty is divine.

chayaruchama said...

How very warm and intimate.

I love that you shared it with us...

May those missing, be for a blessing.
May you enjoy all gifts of the season :-)