Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bee Mine

The second tier, or phase, of the chocolate perfumes has now manifested. Delicious and taunting you even more than before, combining the marvelous South American elixir with such botanical wonders as Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid Bean and Moss.

Adding these five new fragrance truffles to the series equate to a total of eleven in the series, perfect for the large Couer de Chocolat luxury box set.

I have also created some special pairings like the small Couer de Chocolat which features the three flower Divas of the fragrance world.

Figure 7: PĂ©tales
The classic combination of Chocolate and Roses.
Queen of fragrances, Rose, adored by ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians and the courts of European Renaissance marries the magical seeds from the Aztec Indian legends.

Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin
Rich heart of Jasmine enveloped by Chocolate.
The heady, full bodied grand dame of India mates with cacao like the acclaimed drink of the Medici dynasty during the 17th century Italian Renaissance.

Figure 9: Fleurs de Orange
A buzz with Orange blossom flowers and honey
Delicate and euphoric white Orange blossoms, originating in the Far East, perform an enchanting classical ballet.

The other two rounding out this aromatic quintette are:

Figure 10: Blanc
Opposite of Noir, a milk chocolate truffle featuring the Vanilla Orchid Bean at center stage.


Figure 11: ChĂȘne
A tribute to the mighty Oak with notes of wood, resin, aloeswood and moss.

These sweet and creamy artisan delicacies are now at the shop in a myriad of forms from clustered samples, individual truffles and a variety of box sets like those pictured above. The best place to access all of these is this direct link to the bounty of chocolate natural perfume confections.

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