Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The 2010 Fall Fashion Report from Pantone features some lovely hues and interesting concepts. The themes and trends are based on popular culture and current events. For example choosing military green tones and and hues from films.

The 2010 Colors are:

Endive, Pantone 13-0632
Golden Glow, Pantone 15-1050
Living Coral, Pantone 16-1546
Lipstick Red, Pantone 19-1764
Purple Orchid, Pantone 18-3027
Chocolate Truffle, Pantone 19-1526
Lagoon, Pantone 16-5418
Woodbine, Pantone 18-0538
Oyster Gray, Pantone 14-1107
Rose Dust, Pantone 14-1307

Since I have a color palette based on my own eye, skin and hair color triad I don't BUY according to what others dictate as the "latest" fashionable colors. I DO however pay attention to it as a designer and creator of imagery.

Woodbine: Q Botanical Perfume, devoted to the California Native Oak

Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate Truffle Natural Perfumes

Purple Orchid: Perfume Packaging

Golden Glow: Pure light, Pure fume

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