Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bee Beautiful!

The little art deco Bee Leaf necklaces arrived in the mail from Lori yesterday. Although the sun was starting to go down when I arrived home I was able to snap a few photos. I'll be doing more today, even though we find ourselves under a canopy of grey and are likely to get rain. Not complaining, please more rain and a bit of good light for the photos too.

This necklace, like the lockets, feature the iconic, ornamental honey bee I created with Greg. It was an eight page poetical fancy about a velvet corseted bumblebee that inspired the imagery as part of my branding. I realized while reading the enchanting tale that the bee was the perfect mascot. More on bees shortly, in the meantime, enjoy the visual treats. These necklaces are in the same three jewel toned colors as the lockets: royal purple, vivid green and teal.

So now you can adorn yourself with imagery and botanical, natural perfume from a small indie biz that supports organic agriculture and whole living!


Ines said...

They look absolutely wonderful! :)

Illuminated Perfume said...

I'm happy you like them Ines, thanks.