Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butterfly Splendor

The epic popular art culture event of the year is happening right now here in San Diego, California. Thousands of eclectic patrons of the arts have arrived ready to saturate their senses.
As I sit here at our booth in the "Illustrators" section, I am meeting individuals from all sectors around the globe. The trending botanical perfume this morning has been Rosa, everyone seems to want rose today.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Jen of Sewn Natural has done a splendid review of my perfumes on her blog Sewn Natural Studio. She shares auspicious events which transpired on the day her natural perfume order arrived. The post is highlighted with photos of the sampler and her impressions. Jen is a holisitic parent, like myself, she lives a whole life choosing to surround herself and her family with a lifestyle imbued by nature.

Our booth here at Comic Con is a little island of tranquility — bees, butterflies and fairies are such a nice alternative to vampires and zombies, don't you think?

Image: Commutatio by Greg Spalenka


Brizel Handcrafts said...

INDEED... thumbs up for bees, butterflies, and birds !!!

Princess Ellie said...

Yes, I too love bees, butterflies and faries. The enchantment can be intoxicating. But, sometimes it is good to add a little bit of naughty to all that is nice, like a handsome vampire or wolf. Have fun at Comic-con, wishing I was there.