Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Tangent Universe

Last night I went to sleep pondering a name for this perfume that was meant to be Chaparral®. I was tossing around words like sage, leaf, wood as if shooting basketballs toward an invisible hoop. My conscious mind finally gave up and I drifted to dreamland.

At some point within the wee hours, in that gap of sleeping and waking, the word Tangent bubbled up into my mind. Normally when ideas come in like this it is rare that I am able to harness them in the morning. This time it was clear as a bell and as I processed the word the more I liked it.

I mentioned it to my daughter Eve who responded with...."Oh like that song in Donnie Darko, The Tangent Universe." Yes, indeed, just like a tangent universe, this perfume is a parallel fragrance to Chaparral, they both share components but are alternates of each other. The ingredients are almost exact and the two share a dominant wood note. The main difference is that Tangent has more of a sweet wood quality while Chaparral® is more of a smokey deep wood. The evolution on the skin is different as well.

This limited edition of Tangent is now available at the E-shop in sample packs and as a 1 gram vial. I am working on an illuminated image to accompany the scent and will list the flacon soon. In the next edition I may change it slightly as I would like it to contain 28 essences in the botanical synergy.

The "Carpathian ridge" scenes in the film Donnie Darko were shot in California along the Angeles Crest Highway where one finds chaparral plants growing wild.

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