Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wild West

The latest edition of Chaparral® botanical perfume has manifested with a slightly different character. The feel is a bit more feminine, less masculine. I've decided to offer this new version, although I will also be making it once more with those more wild masculine notes missing from this latest rendition.

When I step outside in the early mornings and inhale deeply of the air here in the Santa Monica Mountains the native sage is the primary note I perceive, almost all year long. What I have come to realize over the years is that the sand along the coast specifically from Santa Monica to Malibu has this sage note in it. This new Chaparral® has an element of that California beach note which the other doesn't. Please give them a whiff and share your scent impressions with me.

At this moment in time I haven't decided if I will make more of this more feminine aspect of Chaparral®. Once it is finished I most likely will offer it as a special request item.


Birgit said...

Hi Roxana,

Do you happen to know who painted the picture of the lady in your collage? It would be cool to get feedback. :)

-- Birgit

Illuminated Perfume said...

My husband, Greg Spalenka, created the image of the woman in the collage. It's me, manipulated a bit in photoshop. The original was a cover for a teen book titled The Last Roundup Boys. I had him tweek the image slightly for my perfume incorporating the colors in my palette.