Monday, November 8, 2010

Shadow Lands

Yesterday we hit another indicator of the shift from the light to the darkness as we moved the hands of our clocks back, The light here in the northern hemisphere begins to subside as it increases in the southern half of the planet. A great symbol of the duality found on this earthly plain we reside.

In most parts the trees are now loosing their leaves and moving into a more structural, silhouetted shapes within the landscape. Sometimes trees become slim architectural forms set within the whiteness of a background of snow.

Halloween celebrated the shadow, the darker aspects of the human and our unconscious desires. As we move into this time continual reminders of balancing the light and dark appear. The nemesis rears her ugly snake infested head once more, driving some to hibernation. That wont be the case for me, like my honey bees I will continue to forage despite the low levels of pollen. The great thing about nature is that she is constantly seeking balance between the opposing forces. We can seek nourishment in warm baths with lit candles and essential oils as well as great archetypal stories. Harry Potter, a classic of the light versus dark take is soon to be released and I can't wait.

I've learned that the nemesis, as awful as she might "appear", offers terrific gems to garner from the experience. The most important is not to allow a single individual or event to disrupt one from their mission and path.

While on the east coast last month we stayed with our dear friend Ric Meyers who is loaded with wisdom. In this interview conducted by Greg, Ric shares insight into how to deal with the perceived negativity and stay in balance. I love this one quote in particular...

"Don’t force things and don’t fight things.
Remember that water doesn’t choose its path down a mountain."

Enough about Medusa, something tells me her head will be getting cut off soon. I'm making chocolate solid perfumes today. Rather auspiciously it is Blanc and Noir that is being created here in the studio. Blanc is the chocolate natural perfume featuring vanilla as the main note while Noir is a musky, dark chocolate with patchouli. Read more here at this link on the journal and find them for a limited time in my E-shop.

The Head of Medusa by Simeon Solomon British, 1840 - 1905
Ric Meyers photo by Greg Spalenka
Medusa by Franz von Stuck German, 1863 - 1928
Chocolate Perfume Image Roxana Villa

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