Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let it Bee

The day began very fortuitous when I found Russian sage plants on sale for $10 at my local nursery Boething Treeland. I was there foraging for a Live Christmas tree when I not only found lots of native California trees to choose from and the Russian sage, Perovskia.

While the fellow wrote me up I told him how much my honey bees like the Russian sage and I'd be back with my truck for more. To my surprise he was very knowledgeable about honey bees and taught me quite a bit in just the small time it took him to write up my order.

Perhaps someone slipped a little Felix Felicis in my English breakfast tea this morning or did I put some Sierra Solid Gold on today?

When I arrived back at the studio there was an e-mail from my locket supplier informing me that the perfume lockets are on their way. Hooray! Although they won't be here in time for Christmas I'm thrilled that they are coming. 'bout them perfume compacts Santa?

Fortune number three, I've just heard that Bee keeping is now legal in Santa Monica! What fabulous news, now perhaps the City of LA will follow suit. If not then perhaps it's time to move to Santa Monica.

Back to making solid perfume.

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Lydia said...

I have Sierra in the liquid perfume format, and I have to say that it does always make me feel happy and optimistic when I wear it.

What a serendipitous day! Some days are just golden. We don't keep bees, but we do have a couple of what my daughter calls 'bee hotels' in our garden - solitary bee boxes. It's very exciting to see residents arrive.