Monday, January 24, 2011

Chroma Spring 2011

The 2011 Spring Fashion Report from Pantone has arrived featuring lots of soft pastels with some contradictions to the colors showcased by the large fashion houses. Where as the colors for Fall 2010 seemed to be based on the themes and trends in popular culture and current events, this assemble feels very traditional and specific to the season. The colors look as if they were choosen directly from Greg's illumination for Gracing the Dawn, take a look.

The Colors are:

Honeysuckle link
Russet link
Coral Rose link
Regatta link
Peapod link
Blue Curacao link
Beeswax link
Lavender link
Silver, Peony link
Silver Cloud link

The trend is featuring lots of complimentary neutrals juxtaposing each other with typical icons of Spring like: florals, whites, shades of blue evoking water and nautical, soft earthy tones, tribal with flow, adventure and far off lands, dreamy feminine, morphing realities and vagabond bohemia.

Since I have a color palette based on my own eye, skin and hair color triad I don't BUY according to what others dictate as the "latest" fashionable colors. I DO however pay attention to it as a designer and creator of imagery.

Of all the designers I am feeling most aligned with Carlos Campos palette harmonizes the best with my own, Rebecca Minkoff "ultimate vagabond" works well with my artistic creative and I rather like Monique Lhuillier inspiration of a "dreamy state of mind."

Lavender: Gracing the Dawn Natural Liquid Perfume

Beeswax: Mindful beekeeping here in the wooded hills for solid perfumes

Silver Peony: Vera Liquid Natural Perfume

Blue Curacao: GreenWitch Liquid Natural Perfume and upcoming solid

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Images are ©Roxana Villa and ©Greg Spalenka

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