Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flower Moon

The moon is currently illuminated in the floral splendor of Spring. Orbiting counter clockwise around the Earth the current full moon phase is ideal for sweeping away all those influences that no longer serve. It is also an ideal time to visualize yourself protected and tuning into your intuition.

Naming the full moons is a tradition seen in various cultures throughout the world, although the most popular stems from the Farmers Almanac of 1792. The "Full Flower Moon" refers to the bounty of flowers currently trending in the Springtime of the Northern Hemisphere.

I've chosen to formerly launch and encode the new Page47 liquid with the imprint of this illuminated Moon, although the perfume is associated with a sunshine and the beach. I'll be putting the glass jar with this first edition out this evening so that it is infused with this evenings silvery lunar luminescence.

"Page 47 is a playful amber laced with candied orange blossoms and honeyed jasmine.
How lovely to have a fresh amber option for the summertime! "
Trish, ScentHive

Master Gregorio is still finishing up the image which will ultimately illuminate Page 47, stay tuned for that little visual treat which will eventually be included with all order of the new fume.

Of all the perfumes I've created I find I reach for Page 47 more often than any other, with Chaparral solid a close second. I put a small drop of the new liquid on yesterday and found it to open very sweet with a burst of citrus which mellowed in about five minutes moving into the rich floral and amber notes.

"Oh! How I love Page 47 solid and just when I thought it could not get better Roxana has released the liquid version. Page 47 liquid opens up with a bright citrus scent of oranges warmed in the sun. After a few moments the incandescent jasmine sambac and ylang ylang poke their heads out to shine in the sun and while playing in the warmth of the labdanum and the vintage mysore sandalwood. As the drydown continues the beauty of the seaweed luminates giving Page 47 the depth of the ocean. Page 47 is one of the most stunning perfumes: luminous, feminine and refreshing. Perfect for summer or anytime of the year."
~ Angie

Page 47 is one of the most popular perfumes with customers but not the fragrance bloggers. I believe this is because the bloggers tend to be more interested in fragrances that are ground breaking and unusual. Thus I have included two impressions above, one from Trish of Scent Hive and one from Angie, a loyal customer. If you have impressions to share please include them in the comments.

The synergy for both the solid and the liquid is completely botanical, although there is some sea shell and seaweed. There are nineteen individual notes derived from resins, flowers, rinds, seeds and woods along with my Faux Ambergris accord which is composed of eight essences. The Faux Ambergris accord is featured in many other illuminated perfumes as well. I also used a handmade tincture of vanilla orchid beans from Tahiti.

Where GreenWitch is of the Sea, Page47 is of the sandy beach at the waters edge. The aroma reminds me of days long ago when I was a junior lifeguard during the summer at Zuma beach in Malibu. There is a particular aroma that my skin would take on from the salt water drying on my skin from the sun, that is the aroma of Page 47.

Intending a radiant full moon with the scent of long Summer days spent on the sandy shores of the Pacific. Many thanks to both Angie and Trish for providing a quote. More posts about Page 47 here at the journal: Page by Page, Sweet Serenity, Page 47, and Turn the Page.

Images: Greg Spalenka, Radiant Moon by Edward Robert Hughes, Page47 liquid flacon and vanilla bean photos by Roxana Villa, The Piper and the Nymphs by John Reinhard Weguelin

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I love Angie's description of Page 47. I too love the citrusy aspect of the liquid version as it's such a bright opening for this sweetly floral/amber fragrance.