Friday, May 20, 2011

Jeffrey Jones (1947-2011)

Jeffrey Jones, a great talent and titan of the Fantasy Sci-Fi arts community has departed from our Earthy realm. He leaves an amazing legacy of artwork behind him for all of us to continue to appreciate him by during our brief time here. My particular favorites the images of women he so beautifully captured. His feel and draftmanship of the female form is quite exquisite.

I never had the opportunity to meet Jeffrey in person, although he was part of the same community of artists as Greg at Comic Con and the Allen Spiegel Fines Arts gang. Jeffrey, along with others like Frank Frazetta, are part of the legacy of master artists who found their niche in the Fantasy and SciFi arenas. Although I am no expert in this field, in my opinion, they were instrumental in the creation of that niche, particularly Frank, which spawned a huge industry. Both Jeffry and Frank have inspired a tremendous amount of artists and will both be remembered with great respect and fondness.

I hope they have both found peace and are still creating magnificent works in the astral.

Drawing ©Jeffrey Jones

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