Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Legalizing Beekeeping: Step 1

Many thanks to Backwards Beekeepers Chelsea and Rob McFarland, as well as Maritza Portillo of the Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee! Not only did the motion on urban beekeeping pass UNANIMOUSLY, but two board members and a former Chair volunteered to have a hive at their homes.

The council approved a 2 month feasibility study to consider recommending legalizing beekeeping in LA. We still need to contact Bill Rosendahl ( to urge support for legalization. By the way, Bill Rosendahl is a superb human being.

Rob and Chelsea's speech was fantastic, they have put it up on their blog so you can read it and be inspired to approach your local community committee to do the same.

Opening image is from Chelsea and Rob's blog, some of the words were taken from them too.

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