Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Dark is Rising

"Think of yourself as an incandescent power,
illuminated and perhaps forever talked to 
by God and his messengers."
~ Brenda Ireland

The shift from light to dark has becomes more apparent as we spiral our way toward Samhain on the Solar Wheel of the Year. This is a time of when the Earth goes into her dormant mode here in the northern hemisphere. The light of the sun diminishes causing cooler temperatures. Nature perceives this lullaby, witnessed by the apparent death in the landscape, with energies turning inward. Trees display their new cloaks of vivid color, the palette of the terrain changes dramatically and the hive of the honey bee begins to contract.

Samhain is a time of contemplation, our awareness becomes heightened to the cycle of life and death. Light ceremonies and bodily cleanses are prominent now in preparation for the window into the next cycle.

The most conspicuous symbols of the season here in modern western culture are sinister creatures and death. Goblins, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, black cats are all emblems of the shadow side which serve as a nemesis to test our commitment to our will forces. Like the story of the angelic warrior hero Michael conquering the fiery dragon.

This is the time of year we engage our courage and strive to conquer over the darker forces of our lower energies and chakras. On the Emerson Waldorf School website I found a nice little piece which sums this up succinctly:

"The strong, willful iron of Michael’s sword acts as an antidote to this desire to fall asleep and goads us to face the feeling of emptiness before the dying world of nature. It is this spirit of resolve and inner warmth that we seek to carry with us as we begin the school year." 1

Thus light a candle and remember who you are as we courageously move into this new phase. While studying aromatherapy in the nineties I made a Will Force blend that included elemi, grapefruit and thyme. I just listed a revision of this synergy in organic jojoba oil at the E-shop for you. Use it like a natural perfume of Michael's sword to give yourself courage and resolve as needed, the blend includes three types of Frankincense. I can make it up for you as a solid by personal request.

1 Emerson Waldorf School, Festivals

Artwork (Vespertina / Sanctum Sanctorum)  ©Greg Spalenka
The Magick Circle by John William Waterhouse courtesy of ArtMagick
St. Micheal courtesy of SmallBay

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