Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flowers

Currently the prominent colors in the woodland are moving into the dark greens of the live oak, ash browns of various tree bark and the rust of fallen leaves. The native plants have been in their summer slumber and are now starting to awaken by the recent rain and cooler temperature.

Amidst the more somber palette, planted in pots lining the front of the house there is a festival of more vivid color transpiring among the flowers. Various roses, jasmine, hibiscus, white and pink plumeria, lavender and garden geranium are all showing off their spectacular blooms.

These flowers serve as a reminder that natural and botanical perfumes stem authentically from the plant kingdom and all Mother Nature so generously offers is. Flowers is the palette of the natural perfumer provide key heart notes in the structure of almost all the perfume families.

Although, to my knowledge, there is no hibiscus flower essence, we do get ambrette seeds from the hibiscus which is an important fixative and offers us that wonderous botanical musk note. ambrette also has an alchemical quality when paired with florals in a perfume.

Happy Flower Friday from my woodland garden to each of you!

Content and Photographs: ©Roxana Villa

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