Friday, October 21, 2011

Honest Replication

On some days I find myself pondering if there is one thread that unifies all my work as an artist. Today I watched a video sent to me via Ben about letterpress printing and heard the words "honest replication" causing an ah-hah moment.

Honest replication relates to true, natural perfume; letter press printing; saving oak trees and honey bees; handmade; sustainability; nature; authenticity; transparency, etc.

Since we are speaking of letterpress, I've integrated several shots of the portion of the garage studio which is now home to the two hand presses and all the associated paraphernalia. We just about ready to start printing. Yes, I have a truck load of wood type, most of it is from Argentina.

Here is the video that mentioned honest replication.

Trip Print Press & The Making Of FreshSox from Brought To You By ... on Vimeo.

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