Saturday, December 31, 2011

California Christmas 2011

On Christmas morning, once again we drove south for our yearly celebration and gathering at the Neuharts in Hermosa Beach. This year was slightly different and a little sad since John was not with us in physical form.
The day was glorious, sunny and warm with a cerulean blue sky.
Marilyns tree is usually decorated with lights and little bird ornaments
Santas are everyone, these are assembled on one of the tables with poinsettias. More santas, these were on the front table in the living room.
Last year I took photos using Eve's Nikon. This year I forgot my camera and thought I'd borrow Eves. However, Santa brought Ben the Canon EOs 7D, thus I had the opportunity to use that one while Ben read the manual and played with the other toys he received. (Lucky me!)
Eve shooting me while I shot her, with Andrew peeking over her shoulder.
The tradition is to take our yearly group photo and open presents. While we play with our new toys the meal is prepared and then consumed and followed by conversation and more gift appreciation.
This years table setting featured red orange lillies with orange napkins. Our meal also follows a tradition of eggs, sausage, bacon, numerous breads (like the one pictured above) pastries, and a salad. This years salad had a dollop of mango sorbet!
Handmade bowls by Veralee Bassler with apples from her tree. Greg admiring oe of the many books gifted that morning. At that Neuhart homestead there are always copious amounts of fantastic books ready to be admired. Roberto, also known as Bob and Bobo is one of two resident cats in the household.
California Christmas 2010

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