Friday, January 13, 2012

In the Raw

The price of the raw materials necessary to create authentic botanical perfume have been sky rocketing over the last few years. Many of the bottles of Jasmine, Rose, Oud, Frankincense I purchased years ago when first starting in Aromatherapy have run out.

I am committed to ordering high quality essences from reputable suppliers and thus have begun raising prices. I refuse to compromise and begin using lesser quality or borg materials like nature identicals and isolates. The silver lining to these challenges is that it makes me work harder to find creative ways around the perceived darkness. I have already begun several experiments that are proving quite successful. Since so many competitors read this journal that information will remain a trade secret and not be shared here.

Lately I feel like one of those tantric figures from Indian paintings with multiple arms. The amount of projects percolating is quite abundant. Some start off hopeful then fall by the way side when the challenges seem insurmountable. Then, after a period of time, things magically come together.

The biggest challenge right now is that the computer doc didn't have a good prognosis on our two towers, (sad face) and we need to get a case for my internal hard drive that has most of my imagery. This too shall pass. Sharing one laptop is certainly providing lots of opportunity for personal growth.

Today we are taking a little break and going to the Getty Center for some renew time. Wishing you each a beautiful and nourishing weekend!


Maggie Emm said...

I love your positive spin on sharing a computer! I don't like anyone even touching mine...have you read Phillip Pullmans 'His Dark Materials' trilogy? I see my computer as my 'daemon'. (if you haven't read it I think you would love it).
Isn't it wonderful to have so many interesting projects and ideas on the go - life is never boring! (if you can keep calm...)
Keep making the magic happen x

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hey Maggie, I love, love, love all things Phillip Pullman. In fact I have a perfume named after a character from "His Dark Materials".
Here's a post on this blog expressing my adoration of Phillip:

Indeed a computer is very much like a daemon, so true.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy to know you are staying away from isolates and 'nature identical'.
Thank-you, thank-you for so absolutely keeping it real.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thanks so much Margi, staying true to ones path can sometimes be a challenge. I really appreciate that you who pay attention to these little important details. xo

Maggie Emm said...

Oh of course, Lyra - I hadn't made the connection! They are in my favourite books of all time list, and so are the Susan Cooper books. And all of Alan Garners books....