Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Botanical Tapestry

In the nineties we discovered and swooned over the work of artist Andy Goldworthy, now we have the french botanist deemed a "vertical garden designer" Patrick Blanc. Patricks glorious botanical tapestries are beautiful to gaze at while providing all the benefits of garden. I can just imagine the natural botanical perfume emanating from these pieces along with fresh, vibrant oxygen. Here in super dry Los Angeles they probably wouldn't work, unless of course he made them with California natives, even so in the hot summer months it would look pretty dry.

"Using a metal frame against a load-bearing wall, a framework of PVC pipe and layers of polyamide felt deliver water and nutrients to the vertically grown plants in a closed circuit system. Patrick Blanch has showcased his work in public and private spaces world wide." 1

So inspirational! I'd love to visit the wall at the Qantas Lounge at the Sydney Airport however one of his new projects at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden will probably be more do-able.

Andy Goldworthy
Patrick Blanc

1. Unforgettably Yours

Tree image Andy Goldworthy
Patrick Blanc: 1.Pont Max Juvenal, Aix en Provence, 2. GreenWall, 3. Le Mur Vegetal, Vertical Garden, Living Wall, Paris, France, 4. Vertical Garden in Caixa Forum, Madrid

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