Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Image Making

Over the weekend the house was transformed into a film studio with green screens and tarps hung from high beams. It was quite a bit more chaos than the normal artistic meanderings that take place here in a household of creative people.

We've been working on new illuminations for my perfumes, including some that move, to fully convey the artistry and vital nature that goes into the fragrances. The intention is to use some of the new visual tools available to more deeply convey all the aspects of the natural perfumes I create in a very authentic and personal way. Each individual making images has a different take on the way they wanted to visualize my work.

Since film and animation require new skill sets it may be a little while before I have anything new to share, we shall see.

Images: top Greg Spalenka, bottom Roxana Villa, ©RoxanaVilla


Barbara said...

Lovely photos! It's a challenging (and often overlooked) element of marketing.

Well done!

Unknown said...

Yes, gorgeous photographs~every little part is beautiful!