Friday, February 10, 2012

Moon Garden

The last of the trial edition of the temporarily titled Jasmine Noir is now gone. All that is left here is the written formula and a few drops to ponder as I move onto her next phase.

Thanks to readers of this blog and loyal customers a name has been chosen which helped inform the color harmony. Once a hue has been chosen for a fragrance I then need to find the wax and pouch thread. This aspect can be pretty frustrating, luckily with this fragrance it came together fairly quickly.

Since I am working on the Sherlock Holmes perfume, a solid version of Gracing the Dawn, a secret fragrance, new product lines and this jasmine perfume all at the same time I can't say exactly when I will release it.

Here is the original post about this botanical, natural jasmine fragrance.

Images ©RoxanaVilla

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