Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The three R's

Last night we returned from our exciting week long sojourn in Kansas City. It's so nice to be back amongst the oaks, honey bees and blooming sage. I am perplexed that I didn't see one honey bee in Kansas City, even among the blossoming trees, shrubs and wild flowers.

Today is all about re-organization, re-integration and re-inventing while I pack up all the orders placed while I was away, download a bizillion photos and breath in the dry arid smells of the chaparral.

I've had to deactivate the perfume necklace and bee locket listings in the E-shop since they were packed up with the crated items from our booth at the convention center. They will be back by the end of the week or so.

Intending to have a detailed post from all the fun in Kansas City soon. I've also got some projects underway here in the studio and prepping for the early July perfume show in San Francisco.

Images: Hammerpress and River Market Antiques in Kansas City, MO ©RoxanaVilla

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