Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrating Five Years

The third number in the Fibonacci sequence is also the number of how many years ago, as of today, the website and this journal were birthed. The magical digit is five, which is also the number of petals on a California rose.

On June 16th, 2007 the forth annual Ojai Lavender Festival took place under a canopy of native oaks in Libbey Park. It was bright and sunny, the website was finally ready and at 1pm that day I gave the keynote presentation at the festival. That was also the day I released Vera as a liquid perfume. For the presentation I described the similarities between creating visual and aromatic art, the history of fragrance and the construction of Vera.

In observance of this day I have a few festivities here for you which include some play and gifts for the next week.

The first part of the celebration will include a free sample of the not yet to be released Lavender Body Butter with any orders of $25 or over (not including tax or shipping). When placing your $25 order please let me know you would like the Lavender Body Butter sample.

The Lavender Body Butter is made with Organic Jojoba oil which I have infused in the California sun with calendula petals and lavender blossoms. Besides the Jojoba oil the base also includes Mango Butter and essential oils. This is one body butter of many soon to appear along with an entire new line based on my deep roots in aromatherapy.

For the second part of the festivities I will be giving away Vera perfume related gifts to four lucky winners. If you are one of the lucky winners you can choose from these prizes:
- 1 gram vial of Vera liquid
- A mini compact with a tin of Vera solid perfume
- Small glass jar of the new Lavender Body Butter

There are several ways to enter:

(1) Leave a comment of this blog post or my facebook page and tell me what your favorite "illuminated' perfume is and why, or which one you would most like to sample, ONE entry.

(2) Any purchase of $25 as of June 16th until the 26th, will receive ONE entry. If your purchase is for $50 that will count as TWO, if $75 that will count as THREE, etc.

(3) Review one of your favorite Illuminated Perfumes on Make Up Alley, BaseNotes, Fragrantica or another major perfume forum (THREE entries per each review). Reviews must be dated June 16, 2012 or there after. Please email me the link to confirm.

(4) Follow this journal, my tweets or the Roxana Illuminated Perfume facebook page or and you will receive ONE entry per each one. If you already are a follower please let me know.

(5) Tweet this celebration on Twitter with a link to to this post and you will receive ONE entry.

(6) Mention this celebration on your blog with a link to to this post and you will receive ONE entry. Please email me the link to confirm.

(7) Mention this celebration on Facebook with a link to to this post and you will receive ONE entry. Please email me the link to confirm: roxana

The fine print...

1. The deadline for entering is June 28, 2012, at 10 pm (PST).
2. Entries will be placed into a random drawing and announced on this blog, twitter and facebook.

Thank you for your support over the years! The next Ojai Valley Lavender Festival takes place on Sunday, June 23rd.


Jane S. said...

I would be interested in trying the Hedera helix perfume, because from the description it sounds like it would smell like it does outdoors at my house! I live on the edge of a tree farm, so at night our air smells very green and cool. I'd love to always be able to have that scent near me, no matter where I am.

frog said...

I'd really like to try Sierra Solid Gold. The scent of dark, green forest followed by orange blossom and some amber is a surprising combination, but it sounds so interesting.

caile said...

There are actually two perfumes on my next to try list. One is Vera because I love lavender and think this would be lovely to wear as an evening fragrance . Also, since I usually wear a dab of Cimbalom or sometimes Vespertina before I go to bed, I think Vera would be perfect for this as well. The other for me to try is Gracing the Dawn as it sounds like such a beautiful perfume and I know I will love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roxana for this opportunity to sample one of your alluring blessings. I do desire your giant sample pack, but for now while I recover from my last failed splurge on samples, I am aiming towards, "Q." I have been chasing an incense fragrance for decades. I think it was called 9 planets and it was sold at a restaurant store at the top of Topanga Canyon and of course as lost loves go, the incense was suddenly unavailable and my bulk supply had lasted me too long to do proper intelligence. So now I read your lovely description of infused oak leaves, accords of resin, and warm wood and I am absolutely smitten. I want my fragrance to alter my consciousness, I do want that ceremonial frankincense awe. What also attracted me to your little store were those luscious pink pots and your work with bees wax. I prefer scent not suspended in alcohol. The pleasure is more immediate and generous. And speaking of generosity much Aloha and cheers to you.

Unknown said...

I would really really love to try 'Q'. Think it would really compliment my mood and the 'place' I am in right now:)

Marika Fleri

kathleen said...

My favorite is Gracing the Dawn, but you knew that ;) I would like to try Page 47 next, I think

Princess Ellie said...

I have so many favorite perfumes by you it hard to choose one:) I would have to say Cimbalom would be my favorite though. She is sweet, smokey and seductive. Very sexy perfume that last forever on the skin.

Princess Ellie said...

I also follow your blog. Very excited for the release of the body butters and Gracing Dawn solid!!