Friday, July 13, 2012

Perfume Illuminated: A Grimoire of Flavor and Scent

Perfume Illuminated began back on the first of January 2010 inspired by Julie Powell of Julie and Julia fame.

When I Beth came on board the project we discussed having it printed as a book. Now that we have quite a bounty of material we have moved forward with our plan. Beth, as the master bard, will act as editor and I as, the connoisseur of visuals, art director. We will enroll one of my friends to assist in the design. If we are not happy with the terms of the publisher than we will publish ourselves.

In the meantime, above is a mock up of the cover which I will use to make a LookBook. Now it's time to get on your broomstick and fly eastward for some enchantment on this subject from Beth, enjoy!


Aztechan Pettus said...

Love it Rox! Best of luck darling.

Lisa Woodward said...

It sounds wonderful! I look forward to it. Many blessings of ease of writing and publishing.