Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fan of the Month

In August I had mentioned in a post that if readers commented on a couple of perfume features I would enter them in a draw. Since I became really busy shortly there after, I did not post about this until now.

The randomizer choose Caile as the winner. Congrats! Please let me know if you prefer Hedera helix or Gracing the Dawn?

Due to my negligence in getting back to you all, I've decided to honor each person who was entered with a free Hedera helix or Gracing the Dawn sample in their next order. Just give me a heads up when you do an order.

In other news, I've decided to honor a fan each month with a 20% coupon for the e-shop. To be chosen as "Fan of the Month" I will be mindful of items 1-4 done by fans in September, each candidates name will be entered in the Randomizer, unless one of you stands out.

1) Positive comments on new perfume features in the blogosphere, via twitter and my FB fan page.

2) Blog features.

3) Pins of Illuminated Perfume imagery on Pinterest, extra points if you create an Illuminated Perfume board, or board for one of a perfume in my line.

4) Any other really fantastic way to get the word out about Illuminated Perfume will also be considered, especially since you all are so creative.

To be entered, keep in mind:

- I am pretty much a one person show and sometimes get really, really busy. Thus my responses slow down to a snails pace.

- Please inform me if you do any of the above mentioned 1-4 items either here in a comment or via e-mail: roxana (at) illuminatedperfume (dot) com

- Individuals chosen as Fan of the Month cannot be selected more than once in a calendar year.


caile said...

That's fantastic, Roxana! : )

Flower Power said...

Hello Roxana! Well, just yesterday I posted a little note about some solid samples of yours!
It's on a new blog that I created last July, totally dedicated to natural and artisan perfumery at large! It's mainly in French (since I'm French) but there's always at least a few lines in English too at the bottom of each post!
My nose is far from being sharp, sorry about that, but my will is good!

Flower Power said...

Ooops, I forgot to post a direct link!