Monday, September 24, 2012

LA Fragrance Event

The LA Artisan Fragrance Salon took place yesterday alongside the Chocolate Salon at the Santa Monica Civic. Since Eve is away at college in Vermont, I had her friend My come and help out along with Greg. What a godsend to have them both!

We arrived early to get the booth all dolled up in time for the 11am opening. Since this event was local I brought a frame of honey comb with bees from the Mische Hive to have on display. A big hit with lots of people, especially the youngsters.

At 12:40 I did a presentation called "Love in the Garden" to a very attentive group. As I walked back to our booth through the chocolate show I noticed massive lines awaiting samples from various vendors!

Here's a series of photos taken by both My and Greg. Best selling perfume was Green Witch and super interesting feedback on Chiaroscuro, which I will elaborate on shortly.

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Teesort said...

More pictures! More pictures!
If to be serious, I’m glad it worked out the way you wanted. Congratulations!