Friday, October 5, 2012

Fan of the Month, Septmember

The fan of the month for September* is Lotte, who sent me a wonderful note with scent impressions of Hedera helix. Congrats Lotta and much gratitude to you for the very touching message.



I received a sample of your Hedera Helix a couple of days ago. I read the review on Perfume Posse and grew too curious not to spend a few euros to have a whiff. Having worn this miraculous substance every day since (even though it's by no means everyday fragrance in my book), I just had to write some fan mail.

I will not attempt to describe my impressions in expert terms because I'm by no means expert, quite the opposite: this is the first perfume i have ever bought. I hardly know what's a base note.  it seems that once more when entering a new field of experience i have begun from the top tier (I don't know if it tells you much, but first modern game i ever played on a computer was half-life2 :D). I saw the movie Perfume (didn't actually like it too much despite praises) but have been interested in the way things smell, man made or otherwise, for much longer. It's fascinating how some odors relate to feelings, memories etc., or just give pleasure/displeasure. Probably basic stuff for a perfumist. 

Anyway, this perfume, once i got to try it, was overwhelming. The very first impression when i opened the vial was the antique quality. First, you think 50 years ago. But then you check again and say, no, 300 years ago. But when you inquire, there really is no beginning. It goes back in history so far you start to think about mythology. Circe could have worn this when she held the banquet for Odysseus. "For all the time spent in that room, the dollhouse darkness, old perfume"
I had no idea it is possible to create such complex flow of fleeting impressions. This was far from mere deodorant. There was something ancient and powerful, black even, behind the colourful play of the distinct and the sweet, dew droplets reflecting setting sun in spectrum hues against some shadowy forest. When it develops on the skin and the play of delicate colors fades, there comes this thrillingly pleasant, more constant thing. Then it deepens. And deepens. I absolutely love the fact that behind this pleasantness there is an undertone of something ominous. Just like being deep in the woods alone. It inspires profound feelings. It makes me think of mortality. But it's not grim, it's warm. It has a mysterious smile of an old wise woman. I want to experience this over and over again, like when you find some special piece of music and just listen to it every day and get more and more kicks, discover more and more meaning.

Okay, sorry if i got carried away but I'm really impressed. Thank you for this experience. It has been an eye-opener for understanding what fragrances can do. When i get rich i will buy a bottle and treasure it! You may also be pleased to hear that I'm a recently self-discovered trans woman, and for me this fragrance will always associate with discovering my true identity.


*Edit: Originally this post said Lotta was the October Fan of the Month, I meant September.

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