Thursday, October 11, 2012

O Captain! My Captain!

There are rare individuals on this earthly plane who inspire by example and break conventional modes of thinking in order to bring about change. One such individual is Kirk Anderson, Captain Kirk as I call him, the inspiring mentor of the Backward Beekeepers here in Los Angeles. Without Kirk, his heartfelt wisdom and passion for holistic beekeeping we wouldn't have our club and most likely not be on the path to making urban beekeeping legal in Los Angeles. Kirks contagious enthusiasm drives our boat along with some very committed folk like Russell, Amy, Chelsea, Rob and the education committee.

The reason for this post today is because we have received word that Kirkobeeo needs our help. He's had some serious heart problems and is undergoing lots of tests, taking lots of meds and is required to rest, so he can't work as much as he needs to to take care of expenses. Chelsea MacFarland of Honey Love has created a page accepting donations for Kirk. In an extra effort to help out I am offering a 20% donation to Kirk on every To Bee flacon (the non pouch version) that is sold as well as a 5% donation on the 1 gram vial and the 5 gram honey pot. I also have some high quality prints of the honey bee image I did using one of my paintings which I will offer 50% donation on. Please note this offer cannot be used with any coupons.

Here is an inspirational clip that has the same emotional vibration of how many of us feel about Bee ship commander Captain Kirk.

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