Sunday, December 9, 2012

Round and round

I've been on a quest to get rid of as much plastic from my line as possible. At this point I don't see the little pink pots leaving the scene since the are much loved. However, there are several possibilities for replacing the natural honey pot tubs.

One is glass jars, which are currently on their way and the other is simple round tins. I'm not sure if the tins are quite right with the branding, thus I am not going to offer them in the shop as of yet. However, I would like to offer them to all the readers of this blog. There is a contingent of loyal patrons that is only considered with the end product and not the packaging, thus the tins are perfect for you.

These round, steel tins have the honey bee wax seal on the top of the smaller sizes and a letterpress label on the top of the large size. Here is a list of the sizes I have and what they might hold. I'm still running experiments of the quantity of solid perfume that will fit into each one, but this will give you an idea...

2 oz round tin, letterpress label: holds about 28 grams of solid perfume, more or less.
1 oz round tin: holds about 14 grams of solid perfume, more or less.
1/2 oz round tin: holds about 7 grams of solid perfume, more or less.
1/4 oz round tin: holds about 3.5 grams of solid perfume, more or less.

The tins arrive in a velour or velveteen pouch with the little informational cards.

The prices will be based on the 5 gram honey pot size, for example 5 grams of Aumbre is $30, thus 10 grams of Aumbre will be $60. If you desire pricing on a specific amount, send me a note and I will give you the price. I just wanted to post this here now since I am already making these for several customers.

I have a new sampler set of the little pink pots in the tin with the letterpress label, here are a few photos, this option is now available in the E-shop.


Anonymous said...

The bee letterpress is classic and beautiful. I love the idea of the little jars, reminds me of apothecary days.

I began taking plastic out of our life about 6 years ago and each year I work on my next green step. I appreciate the extra effort you are going to- for the environment and in ensuring the high quality of beauty that the whole experience of using your perfumes entails.

This post, and really the entire journal, illustrates how much care, thought and time you put into the perfumes we receive. Regarding the last post's topic, your prices are NOT high when we think of all you do to make such an amazing scent experience.

Thank you for all you do!

swisschard said...

I'm excited to see the glass jars, but I love the letterpress label on the tin. I think a flatter tin might be nice, I've been carrying my honey pot of rosa in my pocket, to keep it close, but it's round shape is visible through my pants. The flat tin would be perfect! I agree it is always good to reduce the plastic around us. Could the tins be refilled? Or recycled?

Illuminated Perfume said...

I applaud you Jennifer! Greening ones environs, even just little baby steps, is such a necessity these days. When I first considered the idea of starting a natural perfume company, instead of just teaching, I almost didn't do it because of the packaging dilemma. In the end I feel it was a good move, but it sure is a slippery slope when it comes to running an environmentally conscious company.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hey SwissChard, what a great poster name! :-) The 1/4 oz tin is pretty flat, it measure 5/8th inch high. The little mini compacts are even flatter, at 3/8th high.

The tins can be recycled. Unfortunately I can't refill the tins for you, but you could scoop the solid perfume out of a larger tins or a honey pot and put it in the smaller one when it gets used up.

Anonymous said...

Very much looking forward to seeing this in the flesh--they look absolutely gorgeous!

Unknown said...

While I love the idea of giving as much plastic as possible, and think glass & tins look lovely, I worry whether they would be as easily postable. As an Australian, getting things sent (I avoided the pun!) out here is often tricky, if you are using glass, there will be greater shipping requirements. Obviously, you already send the bottles, but weight & fragility do add to shipping costs & troubles.

I am sure you have thought about this, but just wanted to pipe up from this (distant) end...

Maria Merryweather (who has trouble getting the name thingie to work)