Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've been making a few minor adjustments to the chocolates. There are new "flavors" and the samples have changed slightly due to a brilliant idea contributed by Gregs friend Jeff, a graphic designer who was here the other night.

The formula for Figure 1: Noir has been slightly enhanced, the basic synergy is delicious, sexy and utterly intoxicating. Personally, I can't get enough. My addiction to it is similar to that of Chaparral, the aroma uplifts my emotional state. I find this very interesting considering it has so many earthy essences derived from deep, dark, mysterious aromatics.

I had a very powerful, spiritual experience when I wore it the other night. Although its not clear to me why, I have a sense that the very special, consciousness enhancing, vital essences had something to do with it.  Sometimes we need to get really grounded to soar to the heavens, its one of those interesting paradoxes of the duality of the earthly experience.

I will be offering these new synergies as solid perfumes with and without the chocolate, like Blanc the perennial favorite. Expect them to start appearing in the shop next week. Eventually, once I obtain new bottles, I will offer them as liquids as well.

The opening image is a Found Poetry, Altered Book by Kelly Tankersley of 88 Editions in Austin.

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