Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best of 2012

Whoosh, here we are at the point of endings and beginnings as we fly our magic carpet into the year 2013!

As a refresher, I looked through the posts here at the journal and on my facebook page because I knew that besides the Etsy feature, there were other stellar moments worth mentioning.

2012 brought more sales than ever in the history of this uber niche natural perfume biz. Pretty amazing given that so many people don't quite "get" natural" perfume and the economic situation. I'm looking forward with excitement to 2013, here are some highlights of 2012.

~ As mentioned above, being Etsy featured seller was one of the most stellar things to happen this year. Several factors played a role in making it the stellar experience.

1. I had myself, the studio and my perfume making process professionally photographed.

2. I systemized the perfume making and order filling processes.

3. I put all the packaging materials in the living room under three long tables for organizing and fulfilling orders. This left my studio space as a creative mecca for me, while helpers work in the living room. The living room is now the shipping and receiving, for better or worse, until we either move or find another space for my business.

~ In the Best of 2011 report I marveled that my perfumes had sold to people in all the states of the US and in over 60 countries. This year has not only surpassed those figures considerably but October produced a stack of invoices taller than the stack of the entire year of 2011, whoa!

~ Roxana Illuminated Perfume turned 5 and I turned 50!

~ Eve was accepted to theater school in London.

~ I participated in two Artisan Fragrance Salons this past year which was a great opportunity to meet and greet fans in person and continue to get the brand out there.

~ This year we added a few new items and packaging updates, in 2013 expect even more.

~ Partnerships with talented and amazing designers & artisans continue and will manifest in 2013.

~ We did our first honey harvest from our bee hives here on the property.

~ Our little woodland cottage was repainted in a beautiful, soft sage green color which is the perfect compliment to our native plant garden.

What's ahead for 2013 is sure to be marvelous and another grand adventure. Happy New Year and much gratitude to each and every one of you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a special year! You deserve all of this, and more. I feel so lucky to have found your line because of how much joy it has already brought to my life. And thank you for continuing to inspire and get us all thinking through your blog!

Magdalena said...

Congratulations Roxana! Wonderful!
It sounds like it was an awesome year... time to celebrate!
Thank you for all you do... it is BEAUTIFUL:))

ChatterBlossom said...

Your 2012 was fabulous and I wish you the same for 2013! Happy new year!