Friday, March 1, 2013

Everything is Connected

I finished reading A Song of Fire and Ice, the first book of the Game of Thrones series and enjoyed it very much, although not as much as I am enjoying Cloud Atlas. I've found that the David Mitchell novel addresses so many contemporary issues and has female characters I can relate to more intimately. 

In one of the six nested stories in the novel Cloud Atlas we meet our potential dystopic future where the corporation has finally achieved control. As Obama seriously considers moving forward with the Keystone XL pipeline, supporting big oil, I can feel ourselves inching toward the future described in the book. Meanwhile the EU fragrance regulators want to further there list of banned natural materials from the palette of perfumers. I smell a corporate chemical rat.

I mentioned to a friend the other day that we use Credo as our cell phone provider because of their progressive values but am conflicted because I want an I-phone and they don't offer service for the I-phone. His response was, "We are all just ants, supporting Credo over ATT makes no difference." Well, I refuse to entertain that limiting belief system and counter with what transpired here in the woodland with saving seven oaks.

Although the corporation appears to be making great strides I'm holding out for humans to wake up to what is in their best interest. I'm just about finished with the Cloud Atlas novel, next stop will be Mutant Message Down Under and seeing Cloud Atlas once more this time by way of a BluRay disc.

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Maggie Emm said...

Hi Roxana
Interesting that you should be talking about corporations, because I have just told about the One Peoples Public Trust - OPPT.
I am finding it very difficult to understand, but the jist of it is all the corporations that are operating today, including the government, are operating illegally, and there is a legal way of opting out, and becoming 'free' human beings again. It sounds quite momentous...they have a web site so check it out if you want to blow your mind!
Maggie x