Thursday, April 11, 2013

Illuminating the dark and mysterious

Figure 1: Noir was introduced at the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance event last month. Although the fragrance has not been formerly launched with the press release samples are already in the shop and reviews from happy noses are sprinkled throughout this post. Most importantly, and the reason for this post today, is the fantastic imagery that has been created for this new botanical perfume. The opening image above is the "official" illumination for Figure 1: Noir created by Greg Spalenka with his exquisite model Jessica Lough.

"A primal, feral animal, searching the blackest night. His fur damp and musky, his paws dirty with earth, dug up roots, and the faint aroma of trodden berries. This is the image that Noir conjured in my mind. Fig. 1: Noir is heavy, earthy, strong and long-lasting. And utterly beautiful. The sweet berry notes that emerge soon after application are subtle, but when under the shadow of this intoxicating patchouli they mingle together so well. This is a true blessing for patchouli lovers."
                             ~ Sam (In reference to the liquid)

The photo shoot took place in Seattle while Greg was up that way doing an Artist as Brand workshop. At some point Greg will be publishing more specifics about it with photos over at the Spalenka blog. Prior to photo session I had given Greg some keywords about the fragrance, informed him that the color harmony would be black and a bit about the feel I was looking to convey.

"I've been wearing the Noir liquid everyday now for a few days as I'm continually drawn to it. I love the deep earthyness and enjoy the liquid on its own for awhile before applying the solid to give it some extra staying power. It has a mystery to it, for me anyway as I can't pin down the botanicals in terms of recognition as I can with your other fragrances (other than the patchouli). So I have surrended to it and find it extremely balancing and grounding"
                             ~ Karen

I also commissioned Lucy Snowe to do some photography after I saw the beautiful still life shots she had added to her E-shop recently. There are still a few more shots to be done which I will get to work on as soon as the coyote skull I ordered arrives.

Figure 1: Noir was first one of the chocolate solid perfumes which originated in December of 2009. The fragrances in this series had simple names beginning with the term Figure and a number as a reference to botanical illustrations.

"It's is a striking fragrance, Unbelievably earthy and musky--very unusual for a pure botanical perfume."  ~ Heather (In reference to the solid)

Greg is offering the Figure 1: Noir illumination as a print for sale at his E-shop.

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Princess Ellie said...

Gorgeous photo!! Congratulations on the perfume. Will need to order a sample of this soon.