Monday, June 10, 2013


Yesterday, after brunch, I installed Instagram on the I-pad just before heading out to work in the garden. Instagram is a free photo app fun that lets you add a filter to transform the image, something I normally do in photoshop.

I had thought that it was only available to those who had smart phones, until I realized that the I-pad will accept the app, even though its not a phone. Hooray! The only thing that I am a bit skeptical about is that I've heard that Instagram keeps all rights to your images, that sucks and thus will require some mindfulness with using it.

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Ada [The Duchess] said...

Yea instagram's rules mean you really have to be careful about what you post/how you post it. I just try and make my images creative, but very much not something which they can turn around and market for themselves. It's hard regardless, but also a lot of fun.

Those scissors are glorious. ;;_;;